Prayers Up, Weight Down!

A 30 Day Quest to the Best Version of You

Diets just don’t get to the ROOT of the problem. Wholeness does.
— Caprice O'Bryant Gutierrez

The Story

Prayers Up, Weight Down! was manifested through my gut wrenching need to be made whole. I was struggling to balance my hustle with my flow and severely failing. It took for many things to fall apart for me to find this true combination of faith and fitness. I got into alignment with God and began to release the pounds! For me they were emotional and spiritual. For others they can be physical or all three. Whatever is weighing you down can be conquered to catapult you into the best season of your life! Throughout this 30 day quest, I walk you through principles found in the word of God and teach you how to practically apply them to nutrition and exercise. Nothing happens overnight or even in 30 days. But as you commit to renewing your mind, your relationship with food will change! You will see yourself the way God sees you! The prayers will go up and the weight will come down! - Caprice


“Incorporating my faith with my fitness journey was the catalyst that I needed to take my journey to the next level. I’m ALREADY making better eating choices and am now more cognizant of everything that I put in my mouth” - Jamella Stokes

“I’m 10 days into the book!! You are going to change lives with this one! It’s a 3 in 1! - Shawna Woods

“It’s a great book! Very practical, user friendly.” - Robin Taylor

“This book is about unlocking what else is going on!” - Jacque Reid

“I am only on day 5 of reading this 30 Day guide to transforming my life, and I have received so much information about the source of my weight issues. Caprice, thank you so much! This book has forever changed my thoughts!” - Lauren Maupins

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Prayers Up, Weight Down!
By Caprice O'Bryant Gutierrez